Greek life has been present on the Gustavus Adolphus campus in St. Peter, Minnesota for over a hundred years. It has also been impacting fellow students lives since 1904 when the first organization was introduced and recognized. Greek life has played an important part in many men and women’s lives here at Gustavus, which is formally shown by the pages provided that display the transgression and background of all Greek life. A timeline for every sorority and fraternity that were once present here at Gustavus is available, along with the past history of Greek life, which has been a key component in shaping how Greek life is currently run on campus.

It is the hope that the information provided helps advance one’s knowledge towards the history and background of many of the Gustavus Greek fraternities and sororities to core constituents (i.e. prospective students, their families, donors, trustees, alumni, etc.)  It has been formatted in a manner that is dynamic, user-friendly, and can readily adapt to meet the diverse and changing needs of its constituents.